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DealerAddendums.com is an online subscription service for new and used vehicle dealers. Easily print customized vehicle addendums, buyers guides, and info sheets from your computer, tablet or our new iOS app.

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Dealership Logo

Upload your high resolution color logo.

Branded Options

Enhance descriptions and item names with logos of your preloaded products.


Choose from optional watermarks for your dealership's brand(s)

Custom Infobox

Choose from QR/SMS Lead capture, Dynamic QR Codes, VIN Barcode, product marketing or color matched vehicle images.

Vehicle Data

Choose what vehicle information to show, the data's font size, and if you want it bold

Vehicle Options

Enter your options once and have them auto applied to specific vehicles based on model, trim, year and mileage. (Unique to DealerAddendums.com)

Custom Templates

Watermarks, border colors, special fonts, product images, you name it, we can make it happen.

Personal Support

Don't worry about learning all the ins and outs of customization, we'll do it all for you... for free.

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MSRP + Hard Adds = Dealer Asking Price. This is the price that should be advertized everywhere.

Asking Price

The Dealer Asking Price is the largest font on the addendum, meeting several state requirements.

Custom Legal

You can include any custom text your legal team writes to meet state and federal requirements. * We do supply generic disclaimer text, but as always you should run everything past your compliance team.

Two-Way Data

We can send a copy of your Addendum PDF and also the raw add-ons pricing and description to a your syndication partner.

Hard Adds

Hard adds are preinstalled products or Dealer Mark-ups that are required for purchase. These are not "Optional" and are added to the MSRP

Soft Adds

These are recommended optional products or services. Since they are optional, they are not added to the MSRP

User-Friendly Application
1300+ dealerships

Dealers have been using our platform since 2014. During that time we have listened to our users and made over 32,000 incremental updates.

The videos to the left show what we do, and the problems our platform solves for dealerships.

  • See how Bob solves his addendum problem using DealerAddendums.com
  • Allan shows you how to print addendums in 30 seconds or less.

Take a look and remember you can always call us to answer any specific questions.




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We are a team of dedicated entrepreneurs who love solving problems worth solving.


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Trial/Manual Load

$75 /month
  • 75 max addendums per month
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  • Print QR Code Stickers
  • 25 Free Labels
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Automatic - DMS

$175 /month
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  • Print Buyers Guides
  • Print Infosheets
  • Remote iOS app
  • Direct DMS Import
  • Single Vehicle Import
  • Excel Vehicle Import
  • Labels as Low as $.18 ea
  • SMS/QR Code Leads +$50/Mo
  • 24/7 Customer Support

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